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Castle Halloween Ride & Roam Tour

October 9, 2021


Saturday, October 9th, 2021
10 Spots Available
Ride & Roam Trip to Castle Halloween includes transportation to and from Park & Ride lot (off Route 219 near Boswell, Pennsylvania), transportation snacks and water, admission into Castle Halloween, and admission to the Horseshoe Curve.
Anything and everything that involves Halloween is in this unique museum. Pamela, "The Halloween Queen," has been offering tours of this unique museum to many from all over.
We will be traveling to Altoona, Pennsylvania, to visit Castle Halloween. We will split the group into two smaller groups, one group tours the museum while the other group explores the Horseshoe Curve. The groups will then switch. Both tours will last approximately 2 hours each. After the tours, we will eat dinner at Cracker Barrel (not included in the ticket price). We will then travel back home.
I.D.s Required/Waivers
Age 18+ Event

$75 per Rider

Meet on Saturday, October 9th, 2021 @ 11:15 AM at Park and Ride Lot off Route 219 Somerset County, Pennsylvania near Boswell.
Van leaves @ 11:30 AM
Approximate Arrival to Castle Halloween is 1 PM
Group 1 will Tour Castle Halloween while Group 2 is transported to Horseshoe Curve
Approximately 2 Hour Tours Each
Transport to Cracker Barrel @ around 5 PM
Approximate return time 8 PM
(Note: Only bring what you can carry)


Event Info

  • Presented By: SCARE Tours llc
  • Dates: October 9, 2021
  • Location: Meet @ Park & Ride Lot (Off Route 219 Boswell, PA Exit)
  • Address: Altoona
  • Time: 11:15 AM to 8:00 PM
  • Price: $75 per Rider (10 Riders)


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