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5-Day (Mon-Fri)

All Levels

Instructor: Ellen Durkan

Forge a piece of metal art to be worn on the chest or neck! Throughout class, we will combine different forging and forming techniques using bar stock. We’ll focus on creating balanced symmetry in steel by repetition of form. Forged fashion helps participants to design an object that becomes personal and alive when worn on the body. Demonstrations will cover various organic design elements inspired from Ellen Durkan’s personal work.

Ellen Durkan is an artist blacksmith from Wilmington, Delaware. Through her Iron Maiden Forge business, she creates wearable “Forged Fashion” art that she presents through performance runway shows. While working on her graduate degree in Fine Arts, she found metal working intriguing, which led to her current body of work. Her metal work started as forged stationary “metal dresses” in which she would place a nude figure. Her current body of work is still inspired by the human body, but it is inspired by the concepts of emotional vulnerability. She enjoys creating pieces to fit the complex forms of the figure and how each piece takes on a new presence with a new wearer. She creates forged work to decorate the body as visual and metaphorical armor.

Instagram: @ironmaidenforge


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