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YOU TOO CAN EXPERIENCE THE MONKEY ROOM AS WELL AS THE ENTIRE GRAND MIDWAY HOTEL HISTORIC GHOST TOUR! With the changing into beautiful weather we've been flooded with hungry requests for the hotel tour "-Just to get out of the house! Can't wait for Halloween!", so we are opening up two immediate dates: Saturday April 3 and Saturday May 1. Hotel tour takes about hour and a half. $20 per person. 7pm, 8:30pm, 10pm, 11:30pm. and 1am! It was a very active year last fall for ghost activity. We've already had four paranormal investigations this month and the place seems fully awake. So, first come first serve. You'll be asked to prepay on Paypal. Text 310-827-1748 for a reservation and desired time slot. There will be tarot card readings available all night as well. 


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