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5-Day (Monday- Friday) Educators' Retreat

Instructor: Nicholas Ireys

No Experience/Beginner

Learn to move hot metal like modeling clay! You will first learn to hold and swing a hammer to move the material using heat and force. With those basic skills, you will be able to design and forge a unique project within your own skill level. We will be using all the tools in the shop, including power hammers and welders. The outcome of this class is to form a basis of skills to be comfortable using heat and force to shape steel, all while creating pieces to take home and be proud of.

Nicholas Ireys is a metal artist in Baltimore, MD, where he specializes in metal sculpture, architectural ironwork, and historic restoration. He has a sculpture degree from Virginia Commonwealth University and an MFA from Southern Illinois University in blacksmithing. Much of his metalworking skills came from a 10-year journeymanship that took him to six different countries. Nick has taught at such institutions as the Estonian Academy of Art in Tallinn, the University of Gothenburg in Das Långed, Sweden, and Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, IL. His work focuses on the natural forms that can be achieved in metal using the forging process. While creating visually beautiful objects, Nick seeks to conceptually address the impact of personal perception and self-reflection, and how that self-image affects our interaction with the world we live in.

Instagram: @NImetaldesign


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