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Missions: Spellbound, Black Widow and Crossfire

August 1, 2022 - November 30, 2022


In Greensburg, choose from the popular  Spellbound, Black Widow and Crossfire missions. In Murrysville, Boss Level and Bloodthirsty missions offer completely different puzzles and experiences.  A 30-minute mission, The Doghouse, in Greensburg is available through September 30, 2022. It’s a great option for small groups or beginner players.



Becoming a wizard isn’t easy. You’ve traveled to the magic school and taken the admissions exam, but didn’t pass. As a result, a horrible curse has been placed on you to ensure you don’t attempt further magic as a muggle.

Your train ride home has been summoned, but the door to the wizarding world is within reach. Can you reverse the curse and prove that you have the skills to join the wizarding school before your ride home arrives?

Black Widow

Yesterday, while paying respects at Mr. Black’s wake where the entire family has gathered for the first time in ages, his wife died suddenly. The coroner ruled it was due to natural causes, but his son refuses to believe it. Upon immediate consultation with a psychic medium, he has learned that her spirit is claiming a murder took place and her spirit won’t rest until the truth is out. He has hired your spy team to investigate the scene of this alleged murder and release her spirit before things get spooky at tomorrow’s funeral viewing.

You have identified a small window of opportunity to break into the funeral home on the eve of the funeral. You have 60 minutes before the funeral director will arrive home from his errands. Get caught and your team will be sent to jail for breaking an entering and disturbing the dead!


You wake up one day and feel the call to service. The thought of blood makes you squeamish you could never be a paramedic or doctor. The police academy is hard to get into, but the local fire department is accepting new recruits. Being a firefighter is a chivalrous job. From fighting fires to rescuing cats in trees, you think it’s a fit, so you decide to visit Volunteer Fire Station 116.

The chief’s eyes light up when you walk in and show interest in joining. Recruiting new firefighters gets harder with each generation. The chief gives you the tour and you share your drive to serve. He invites you to his office to go over some paperwork and discuss the on-site training requirements. After reviewing some things in the office the chief’s walkie talkie chirps and he excuses himself into the hallway to respond. You can’t clearly hear the messages from the talkie, but you clearly hear the chief exclaim “I QUIT.” Seconds later you hear a key rattling in the door and heavy footsteps run into the distance of the hallway and down the stairs. You’re trapped. And you hear a BANG under your feet from the first floor.

The smell of something burning fills your nostrils. You’re locked in to the chief’s office and a fire has sparked down below. Fires like these have been known to spread fast! You’re not trained for this. But it turns out you better learn fast. Trial by fire has taken on a new meaning. Your mission is to signal for help by alerting a nearby fire department and escaping before you run out of oxygen … or get engulfed in flames.

The Doghouse

One day while playing with your dog in the backyard, the dog ran back into the house and locked you out. A note pops through the doggie door that says “You hoomans furgot my birfday! Now I’m trowing my own pawty.” Seconds later, the doggie door is suddenly blocked so you can’t even crawl through that.

Wait!?! How did you forget? It was on the calendar! Now that he’s locked you into the backyard while he throws a party with all his neighborhood pet friends, it sounds like he’s put you into the proverbial doghouse.

Your mission is to investigate your yard to break into your dog’s actual doghouse in search of spare keys or another way to gain access to your house. Act quickly, the party starts in just 30 minutes, so time is running out to either stop or join the party – your choice!


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