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Unexplained voices, eerie footsteps, shadowy apparitions…all of these and more have been experienced at Nemacolin Castle in Brownsville, Pennsylvania over the years…
Do you believe in ghosts? Nemacolin Castle Candlelight Ghost Tours continue each Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening throughout October. Tickets are $15. Advance tickets can be purchased by reserving a time online. Tickets can also be purchased at the door upon arrival. (Please be advised there may be a wait depending on the number of guests if purchasing tickets at the door.)

Your tour guide will lead you through the haunted halls of the castle as they tell you of the true paranormal occurrences experienced by both staff and visitors alike. Hear the accounts of the sightings of the “lady of the hall”, the “spirits of the library” and even the mysterious “ghost dog” that frequents the Victorian wing of the castle just to name a few.

The spirits are eagerly awaiting your visit…..


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