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5-Day (Mon-Fri)

Instructor: Glenn Horr

Find inspiration in the natural surroundings of Touchstone by forging leaves, flowers, vines, and even some small critters. You will learn techniques such as drawing out, twisting, scrolling, and working with chisels. Additionally, tool making will be demonstrated and discussed to develop your designs further. Have fun transforming bars of steel into lifelike organic forms.

Known for his attention to detail and fine craftsmanship, Glenn creates a wide range of functional and decorative hardware for homes and enjoys working with other designers on special commissions. He has been sharing his knowledge and making custom forged work since 1978. Glenn demonstrates for various blacksmithing groups and has shown his work in numerous craft shows and exhibits, most recently in Re-Joined: A Collection of Forged Works, in Johnstown, PA.

Instagram: @Highlandforge_wv


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