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Join SCARE Tours LLC at the Red Lantern B&B (301 High Street, Meyersdale, Pennsylvania 15552) for a "Paranormal Night" Para-Exploration (Ghost Hunt). The Red Lantern B&B is one of Meyersdale's historical sites near The Great Allegheny Passage and Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail. This location has been visited by many throughout the years. It is known to be haunted, with people claiming to see strange apparitions inside and outside of the B&B and experiencing other odd phenomena.

Join the 3-Hour (6 PM - 9 PM) Ghost Hunt for an earlier evening experience that is perfect for having a small taste of what a Real-Life Paranormal Investigation is like.
For those "Late-Nighters," join our 5 Hour (10 PM - 3 AM) Ghost Hunt for those who like to experience a longer Para-Exploration during the "Witching-Hour" times where paranormal phenomena tend to be more active.
Only 10 Spots Available for both times.

Reserve one of the spots or both spots.
6 PM - 9 PM $25 per Person
10 PM - 3 AM $45 per Person

Bring your own equipment (handheld equipment only) or share the equipment SCARE Tours has on hand.
Age 18+ event only.
Waivers/ID's Required
When you purchase your ticket(s), you and everyone you are buying for will need to read and sign our "Participation Policy and Rules" and "Waiver of Liability, Assumption of Risk and Indemnity Agreement."


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