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SummerSounds is a free series of exciting and interesting concerts under the stars in Greensburg's beautiful downtown St. Clair Park. The concerts are produced by dedicated volunteers on behalf of The City of Greensburg. Emphasizing high standards of contemporary musicianship in a family atmosphere, this series has been called "the best outdoor music series in Western PA."

The diaspora of the Cuban people from their island nation just 90 miles from the U.S. is fascinating.  From the early 60’s they had been under the yoke of Soviet-inspired totalitarianism. Thousands of Cubans fled to the Miami area, some on tiny boats and rafts. Generations have lived in poverty and mind control of their culture without contact with relatives or the ability to come here to visit. During the Obama years relations with Cuba were normalized, prompting the members of the Sweet Lizzy Project to defect in order to preserve their musical careers, before the door closed upon them… as it did a few years later. 

Make no mistake; this isn’t Latinx music, which had a hard-enough time under the Castro's. This is Rock n’ Roll, American style, anthemic, vocal and guitar driven, heartfelt and revolutionary, at least in the eyes of Cuban dictators. Upon arrival in Little Havana, FL, they became a thing. Havana Time Machine, a show on PBS, featured their music and story, bringing them to the attention of Raul Malo, leader of the Mavericks. He brought them to Nashville to produce and to publicize and play out of the white-hot influences of Miami. Good for Gloria Estefan, not so good for Lizzy. 

Lizzy is Lisset Diaz, vocalist and songwriter. She’s joined by dazzling lead guitarist, writer, producer Miguel Comas, keyboardist Wifredo Gatell, drummer Angel Millet and bassist Alejandro Gonzalez. They couldn’t sing or listen to the music they loved, so they brought it here for us all to enjoy. Their story, set to music, is pretty inspiring. So are they!


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