Behold the beautiful landscape of the Laurel Highlands in southwestern Pennsylvania!

By Lillie Marshall for Around the World L

Nature holds and heals us. Just over an hour south of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania lies a region rich in rolling hills, waterfalls, and big sky: the Laurel Highlands.

What follows are photos of this magical area to transport you to calm. I’ve added travel tips and an itinerary as well, should you choose to visit in real life.

What is the Laurel Highlands?
Being Boston-based, I’d never heard of the Laurel Highlands before my friend Jeremy pointed it out earlier this year.

“Hey,” Jeremy the Pittsburgh expert counseled, “You said you’re in Cleveland visiting family this July? If you and your husband want a great getaway destination, southwestern Pennsylvania is gorgeous, and is just three hours south of where you’re staying.”

“Ooo…” replied I, yanking out our calendar to circle a free date. “We’re in!”

When you work multiple jobs and have two young and delightful yet mischievous kids, a couples getaway is a precious, precious entity that cannot be squandered at a sub-par location.

Would Jeremy’s recommendation prove positive, or would I have to pummel my friend for leading us astray? We had just two nights to try out the Laurel Highlands. Would the region deliver?

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