Other Ad Opportunities

Destination Guide

The official guide for the Laurel Highlands region this publication is THE printed resource for visitors. Get your information in the hands of visitors across the globe. In addition to direct requests, the…

Website Ads

Promote your business on golaurelhighlands.com with our variety of advertising options.  Annually, golaurelhighlands.com has more than one million visitors, and that number is only…

Brochure Distribution

Have a brochure that you’d like us to distribute throughout the Laurel Highlands?  Distribution includes PA Welcome Centers; Consumer Travel Shows (including those outside PA); other strategic…

Events Calendar Ad

Have an upcoming event to spotlight? Our four-color seasonal event calendar is printed and distributed throughout the region, at PA Welcome Centers, and at partner properties upon request.

Coupon Book

Don't miss the opportunity to showcase your business to visitors interested in our region by purchasing a coupon spot in our annual Coupon Book!