Laurel Highlands Weather

The Laurel Highlands spans 3,000 square miles of the Allegheny Mountains and varying terrain. Our three county region boasts a wide variety of activities in every season. The climate is typically cooler and the area receives more precipitation than other areas of the state. Within the region, the temperature and conditions also vary. At times, there can be at least a ten degree difference between the valleys and the mountains. So when you’re shopping in Greensburg or Uniontown in January, with 30 degree weather and no snow on the ground, keep in mind that the hill tops might have some flakes perfect for skiing and snowboarding. Whatever the season, the Laurel Highlands is jam-packed with tons of action and adventure. Be sure to check out the seasonal activities!


Hidden Valley SkiingThe Laurel Highlands has the largest cumulative snowfall in PA, making it a fantastic place to be in the colder months. From late November to mid-March the temperature starts to drop. While Mother Nature may not grace us with fluffy white powder until late December, we still recommend you prepare for freezing temperatures. 

Our advice for driving in the snow: take it slow. Everyone understands that you might not be used to driving in the snow. Our road crews are pretty great about keeping on top of the salting and clearing needs, especially on our major routes. 

What to Wear:
Pack the gloves, hats, scarves and boots, and bundle up for tons of fun. If you’re headed out for some winter sports, skip the cotton. Go with sweat wicking materials. Wear your running pants and work out gear as your first layer. Be sure to pack some lip balm!

Greendance Winery Spring

Typically, spring arrives a bit later in the Laurel Highlands, a very unpredictable time of year for this region. There could still be snow in March or even early April. By May, it usually evens out, with warmer, sunny days and cool nights. 

What to wear:
It never hurts to pack that umbrella and grab a rain jacket. Rubber boots are probably best for those outdoor activities, too. We recommend lighter layers. 

Jumpin' Jungle, Idlewild and SoakZoneSummer

From July to August, the average temperature is mid-80’s. The higher elevations bring cooler temperatures than the valleys. Get ready for long bike rides, picnics, hiking, zip-lining, and summer days lake-side. 

What to Wear:
Pack a hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, and shorts! Bug spray is always a good idea for those summer evening activities. 


Fall in the Laurel HighlandsSeptember marks the end of summer and the beginning of the autumn season. Temperatures vary and September through November can be very unpredictable, with temperatures ranging from the low 50s to the high 70s with cooler mornings and nights. October is one of the most popular times to visit the Laurel Highlands, with so many fall festivals, and incredibly vivid fall foliage. By November, the temperatures can drop to mid-30s.

What to wear:
Layers are key! Pack jackets for the early mornings and late evenings to shed in the warm afternoon. Typically, colder weather starts mid-November.