Brooke Folk, of the Meyersdale Historical Society, points to a map to show where visitors to Meyersdale via the Great Allegheny Passage traveled from.

By Ashley Murray for Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

In the GI Dayroom Coffee Shop in Meyersdale, locals have been meeting for breakfast or lunch since 1942 in the old Pennsylvania coal town.

But new faces are beginning to join them.

“One day we had a cyclist from South Africa at one end of the counter, and another from South Africa at the other end of the counter,” said Jody Saler, while topping off mugs of coffee at the Main Street diner.

Her 73-year-old father, Floyd Hetrick, owner of the diner for 30 years, still works the griddle every morning pouring pancake batter in the shape of a smiley face, his signature item. He showed a visitor a guest book from around the counter.

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