Trazee Travel: by Jenna Payesko

Most hotels go stale after a while and are in great need of a refresh. Revamped hotels attract a certain type of traveler and when that traveler ages, so does the hotel, décor, bedding and theme. As of late there’s been a scramble to renovate, refresh, revamp and repurpose hotels across the United States. We’ve created a list of recently revamped hotels that take luxury to the next level. Next time you are planning a getaway, consider one or all of these hotels. These new hotels cater to a modern explorer, one who prefers a social space with a stylish design and still has access to luxurious amenities.

Located in Pennsylvania’s Laurel Highlands region, the Nemacolin Woodlands Resort has three on-site hotels and seven private residences. The resort just underwent a $50 million renovation with the most extensive renovations made to the Chateau Lafayette suite modeled after the Ritz in Paris. Guests have the opportunity to enjoy a grand new entryway featuring a plaza of 72,000 tulips, 8,000 liriope plants, 1,000 boxwoods and 900 rhododendron bushes circling a granite fountain. Another notable refresh was to Adren Estates, the largest of the private vacation homes.

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