By Fadra Nally for She's On The Go

When you think of Pennsylvania, you probably think of a few things: Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Gettysburg, Hershey, Penn State, and the Amish to name a few things. But Pennsylvania is such a large a diverse state – not only in terms of landscape and population but also in the types of activities available.

Now consider the Laurel Highlands area of Pennsylvania. I had my first trek there last summer when I ventured on a solo camping trip with my son. We wanted a picturesque camping destination that was close to an attraction that was on our summer bucket list, Fallingwater, the epically designed house by Frank Lloyd Wright. As we wandered through the area, we were struck not only by the natural beauty but by how many activities there are in this one particular region.


From remarkable historic sites, amazing views and unique things to do, Pennsylvania’s Laurel Highlands is an ideal place to get away, enjoy the great outdoors and find an adventure. Here are 7 reasons to visit the expansive region of southwestern Pennsylvania, including new places to stay, incredible attractions and unique events. If you think you’ve seen all there is to see in the region, think again!

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