Special Features, July 15, 2023 

Music by The Evergreens 

We’re an indie folk duo hailing from Johnstown, Pennsylvania. As full-time musicians, we perform at a wide variety of special events and locations across Pennsylvania and surrounding states (but we’re always up for traveling further)! So why did we choose the name, ‘The Evergreens?’ While we do love Christmas and the smell of cedar, we call ourselves The Evergreens because of the songs we play. We cover hits that have stood the test of time and have never “gone out of season” – much like evergreen trees. We put our own indie/folk twist on hits ranging from the 1950’s-1990’s (with a few modern songs in the mix). This allows us to connect with all people in an audience – young and old. (Example: We’ve rocked the stage at both a 100-year-old and a 3-year-old’s birthday party!)  

Market Sprouts - Mr. Rogers and King Friday 

Make hand puppets like Mr. Rogers did when your parents were children.  Make and wear King Friday’s Crown proudly. Did you know Mr. Rogers was born in Westmoreland County? What a great way to celebrate Westmoreland County 250.