Forbes State Forest Winter

By Susan Decoteau-Ferrier, Gen X Traveler

Snow and natural beauty may be reason enough to visit the Laurel Highlands. And if it is, then I timed this trip perfectly. There was a common refrain heard over and over again during my visit to the Laurel Highlands: “we are having a real Pennsylvania winter. This is what winters used to be here.” What does that mean? It means the region was experiencing snow and a lot of it. And this was perfect as this trip was planned around wintertime activities.

While snow is never guaranteed in the Laurel Highlands, Mother Nature surely cooperated during this February visit. And it couldn’t have been more delightful. At the higher elevations, ice and snow hung heavy on the tree limbs. At the lower levels, wide-open rural farmlands were blanketed in white. And soul-soothing walks in the woods were enhanced by the sound of ice-encrusted snow crushing beneath one’s feet and the melodic whisper of a nearby stream.

Even without wintery weather, the Laurel Highlands offers many opportunities for adventure, including winter sports and sylvan hikes. If you enjoy more refined activities you will find awesome architecture, adorable small towns, history, and more. 

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