Bu Lillie Marshall, Around the World L

We had a problem with Oak Lodge bed and breakfast hotel in southwestern Pennsylvania: Even when my husband and I were visiting famed Fallingwater, nearby, or cavorting through the rolling green hills of the Laurel Highlands… we couldn’t stop thinking about our magical cabin back at the lodge. It was downright distracting.

“I know Fallingwater is one of the most amazing landmarks in all of America,” I found myself saying, “but… can we go back and hang out on our cabin porch again soon?”

I’m not kidding. Take a moment to examine the interior of our little luxury-rustic abode at Oak Lodge, below. Can you see how nature and cozy comfort are dancing a waltz in this cabin? Can you imagine trying to focus on anything else in the region, with this cabin calling your name?

Ahh, that smooth, honey-colored wood and high ceiling! Ooo, the happiness of being cozy in a forest cabin… while still having a mini-kitchen, hearth, and flat-screen TV! Yeah, and there’s a jacuzzi in the bathroom on the right.

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