Program: Remember When ... Coal was King and Coke was Queen.

Location: Greensburg Country Club

Address: 309 Pleasant Valley Rd, Jeannette, PA 15644

Date: Sunday, April 16

Time: 12:30–3 p.m.

Program fee: $38 | $18 for children

Reservation: Reservations are required by April 5; call 724-836-1800 ext. 210

Remember When ... Coal Was King

This year's annual Remember When program features a look back at the time when “coal was king, and coke was queen.” The coal and coke industry is a very important part of Westmoreland’s history. Prior to the Civil War, Westmoreland’s economy was largely based on agriculture, and 80% of the county was farmland. After 1850, the market for coal and coke grew. Aided by the expansion of railroads, Pittsburgh became a nearly insatiable market for Westmoreland’s coal and coke, contributing to a four-fold increase in the county’s population between 1870 and 1920.

Michael Mance and John Jamison are joining forces on a picture presentation about mining operations from across the county, including the story of Boxcartown.

Michael J. Mance received an Arthur St. Clair Historic Preservation Award in 2017 for the preservation of the local and industrial history of Southwestern Pennsylvania through social media. Using old photos, maps, and written records, Mance meticulously documents the industrial ghosts of Southwestern Pennsylvania. 

John Jamison’s family owned and operated many of the coal mines in Westmoreland County. Jamison is an engaging speaker who can offer unique insights into his family’s business.

The program fee includes Greensburg Country Club’s delicious Sunday brunch menu. Brunch will be served upon arrival, and guests should arrive before 12:30.

Registration and Payment are required in advance. Please call the Westmoreland Historical Society at 724-836-1800 x210 to reserve your spot. Reservations will close on Wednesday, April 5th. 


About the Westmoreland Historical Society

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