"You're really far out there," is a comment that George Walker, owner and brewer at Whitehorse Brewing, sometimes gets from customers. And while the mileage may seem like a lot, the traffic-free drive and scenic views along the way make the travel go by quickly. After you enjoy the fantastic flavors from Whitehorse's taps and meet the friendly owners as you enjoy a sip on their beautiful property, we think you'll agree: Whitehorse Brewing is always worth the trip.

George and I talked for this month's Inside the Taproom podcast episode in his newly-finished pavilion, cozy even on a 40-degree day, which has been instrumental in helping Whitehorse enforce restrictions and still allow people to enjoy a brew on the property. Once the heat lamps get moved out and the whole space opens up, you can be sure to expect live music, trivia nights and more here soon!

Whenever I meet one of the brewers on the Laurel Highlands Pour Tour, I am also amazed at the amount of passion I see. With George and Whitehorse Brewing, that passion is just as much for the beer as his local community and the people he's able to help. My favorite moment of our conversation is when we discussed raising money for ovarian cancer research with Whitehorse's With You Always coffee milk stout, a beer that honors Darcel Fahy, who passed away in 2017. Every year, they churn out keg after keg, raising tens of thousands of dollars for vital Magee Women's Research Institute.

Whitehorse is also ingrained into Somerset's heritage, and uses local, farm-raised products for their beers whenever possible. This weekend, they'll be at Hillegas Sugar Camp as part of the Maple Taste & Tour, which spotlights the county as the highest producer of maple products in the state! Whitehorse is debuting their Breakfast Time Porter, a rich, smoky porter brewed with Hillegas maple syrup. You can taste the history of the entire region in one sip!

So while you're on your drive home or enjoying your lunch break, I hope you'll listen in to learn about what makes Whitehorse Brewing so special, and why visitors don't mind the odometer ticking up for this welcoming Pour Tour stop. Follow Whitehorse Brewing for their latest releases, and we'll highlight a fantastic new stop next month on Inside the Taproom!