Laddies and Lassies, The Farmers Are Coming! 

(And they are NOT carrying pitchforks)  

Freeport Theatre Festival to Celebrate 34th Summer Season with Spirit of the Revolution 

Freeport Theatre Festival’s 34th Summer Season will open with a return of the historical drama Spirit of the Revolution, written and directed by Rennick Steele, in celebration of the Westmoreland 250 Anniversary. Spirit is an action-packed drama inspired by the heroic life of the Westmoreland County farmer James Steel (portrayed by Sean Taladay) a veteran of the American Revolution whose descendants continue the good fight here in Westmoreland County today.  The action begins on July 7th and continues through July 23rd, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays at 7:00 p.m. Ticket prices are $15/$12/$10 (General Admission/Military and Golden Agers/Students, respectively).  Parking is Free. And the theatre is handicap accessible.  For information and reservations, please call 724-295-1934, checkout our Facebook page, or email at

  Spirt is set during the tumultuous years of revolutionary fervor: 1771-1782.  Our story begins in Ireland, where James Steel (Sean Taladay) leads the Steel Boys, Patrick Finney (Dave Ross); Andrew McKee (Michael Huston), Peter McConnell (Mike Marra) and George Armstrong (Bryce Taladay) to rebel against the oppressive tactics of the King’s Agent (Mike Firek) and Overseer Tom Harter (Ren Steele) who charge high rents for their lands and cottages as well as low prices for their linen.   It is 1771, and the Irish lads flee Ireland for their lives and seek out relatives (the Donaldson Clan:  Davy (Tom Abbot); Andy (Christopher Vertosick Rob and Lizzie (Sonya Hantz)) near Mt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania.  James Steel settles down and buys a farm and marries a local girl by the name of Elizabeth McMasters (Sharon Riffer).  News of the Boston Tea Party sounds the alarm that trouble is brewing, and James Steel and the Donaldson boys join up with the Revolutionary Cause.  They are ordered to Philadelphia to form up into regiments and there they sign up with the Pennsylvania Rifle Regiment, commanded by Col. Samuel Miles (Mike Firek) who were baptized by fire at the Battle of Long Island.  What remains of the regiment join George Washington’s (Brad Clark) Continental Army.   FTFs company of actors take on the challenge of multiple characters who surprise the Hessians in Trenton; press on to victory in Princeton; are almost vanquished at Monmouth; resist at Hannas Town and never give up the fight for liberty.  The canvas is broad; the tone is heroic; the cost was high; but the victory is ours.  Spirit inspires us to reflect on the men and families who sacrificed all so that we may live in liberty. Come and spend a few hours with the truly heroic.   We are who we were!