They call him the “Pretzel Man” because of all of his twists on skis, but you can now call him a world record holder.

Tom Wallisch grew up in Pittsburgh and went on to become one of the top freeskiers in the world and he’s an X Games gold medalist.

Now, he holds the record for the longest rail slide on skis.

Wallisch learned to ski at Seven Springs Mountain Resort. So it’s only fitting that he attempted his world record on the mountain where he first put on skis.

He was attempting to ride more than 400 feet down a rail constructed of 10,000 pounds of steel that was trucked in from Canada and assembled on the mountain at Seven Springs.

It took him several days and hundreds of tries, but on the fourth day, Wallisch went 424 feet down the rail on his skis.

The previous world record was 241 feet.