River Art Works is hosting an ART TOURNAMENT in Mammoth Park Sept 23, 2023 2:00 – 7:00Art Tournament
Pavilion 13, 171 County Park Rd, Mt Pleasant, PA 15666
As part of the Westmoreland County 250 Anniversary challenge. The challenge included reaching out to a group of attendees that normally would not attend an art event.
River Art Works’ has created a tournament is not only built to attract the typical art patron, but attract people who like to attend events that include outdoors games, music, beer, and good food. Motor bikers were the first to come to mind! They love to travel to see the beauty our world has to offer and experience new and interesting events. Most of all, they love to support a good cause!
Day events will feature (3) 30 minute rounds of artists creating art, and a final round of winners. Artists choose which round they would like to participate. At the end of each round a whistle blows and crowd begins to cheer and applaud for their favorite art produced. Winner of each round is picked as to who measured the loudest decibel audience support. (canvas and 16x20 canvas provided, supplies by artist)A number of games will also be available ending with a color run… toss!
This event is to help fund the building of a comprehensive art residency/retreat that ill serve our tristate region. Comprehensive in nature because the it will encourage collaborations among all artistic genres: visual, heated, business of art, sculptural, woven, creative technologies, artistic culinary and agricultural, musical, and performing arts. It will be a space that encourages a global melting pot of arts.
The retreat will include sleeping quarters and commissary (open to the public); heated arts, visual arts and performing arts buildings; music huts, writers’ corner, creative technology center, visitors center, amphitheatre. In other words, we not only will teach artists how to build sustainable incomes through the arts, but will live out the practice.
Currently River Art Works hosts and has established a collaborative art center group to encourage collaborations within the Westmoreland art centers community.
ArtTEK for TEENS is a high school program established to build a bridge between the creatives and technology, tearing down the resistance through after school workshops in 3D Print, Holograms, Drones, and Videography and Editing.
The ART TOURNAMENT and other River Art Works fundraising measures will help meet the required matching funds that need to be in place to gain acceptance in the funding world. Our eyes are on a multimillion project that will be a crown jewel in Westmoreland County tourism belt.