Fort Necessity in Southwest PA

By Jeremy Jones for Discover the Burgh

Fort Necessity was the site of a battle in 1754 that, quite literally, shaped the state of the colonies and the world for many centuries to come.

Even better for us is that it is located in the Laurel Highlands, about an hour southeast of Pittsburgh, and is an easy day trip to visit and explore the grounds, recreated fort, and the museum!

While western Pennsylvania is home to a number of historic sites, it is hard to think of one that shaped the course of modern history more than the area of the Laurel Highlands around Fort Necessity.

The reason for this is that in 1754 a young George Washington led a small troop of men to a French campsite and attacked them. How some of the events unfolded are still up for debate, but during the fighting the leader of the French troops, Joseph Coulon de Villiers de Jumonville, was killed.

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