Event Name: Vintage Pennsylvania Rye Whiskey Tasting 

Date: Friday, July 26, 7 p.m.

Location: West Overton Village

Address: 109 West Overton Road, Scottdale, PA, 15683

West Overton Village is proud to announce an exclusive vintage Pennsylvania rye whiskey tasting event, a truly once in a lifetime experience for rye whiskey enthusiasts. This intimate, discussion-led whiskey tasting celebrates Pennsylvania’s remarkable rye whiskey heritage. Led by whiskey historian Sam Komlenic, guests will taste and discuss samples of six historically significant whiskeys, including pre-Prohibition and post-Prohibition bottles, representing some of Pennsylvania's most famous brands and distilleries.

  • 1941 King's Wedding 25 Year Old Bottled in Bond - This whiskey was distilled at Dillinger Distillery in Ruffs Dale, Pa. in 1916. It slumbered through Prohibition and was bottled in 1941.  This is one of only a handful of bottles known to exist; the only one ever sold at auction went for $12,700 in 2021 (read more here). 
  • 1908 Vintage Overholt Rye - Mellon Family Private Bottling - 1908 Overholt private release for the Mellon family. Re-bottled in the 1930s, it remained in the family cellars for over 70 years. These rare vintage bottlings have been known to auction as high as $15,000 per bottle (read more here).
  • 1940 Old Overholt Cask Strength - 6 ½ Years Old, 123 proof, distilled by Large Distilling Co., Large, Pa., and bottled at A. Overholt & Co. Broad Ford, Pa. This was a special release of Old Overholt bottled exactly as drawn from the barrel. A very unique and powerful example of Monongahela rye.
  • 1942 Old Farm Straight Rye - 4 Years Old, 86 Proof, distilled in Indiana and bottled by National Distillers Products Corp. After Prohibition, National Distillers acquired the Old Farm brand and released this out-of-state bottling in the 1940s.
  • 1946 Old Overholt Bottled in Bond - 5 Years Old, Bottled in Bond, distilled in 1941 and bottled in 1946 at A. Overholt & Co. in Broad Ford, Pa. A classic Monongahela rye, this whiskey was produced just after the end of Prohibition.
  • 1970s Sam Thompson Straight Rye - 4 Years Old, 86 Proof. This whiskey was distilled by legendary master distiller Dick Stoll at Pennsylvania Michter’s in the late 1970s. Though it contains a portion of corn, it is one of the best and most elusive examples of late-era Pennsylvania rye, and is literally from one of the last batches of the historic Sam Thompson brand.

The tasting will be hosted in our elegant new Overholt Stateroom in the Whiskey Heritage Center of our Museum. All proceeds benefit the nonprofit mission of West Overton Village. Please note that accessing the Whiskey Heritage Center requires climbing stairs, and we are currently fundraising for an elevator. Please contact us with any questions.

Today, West Overton is considered the spiritual home of the Overholt brand, now produced by James B. Beam Distilling Co. in Kentucky. Overholt is considered the longest standing American whiskey brand -  maintained continuously with an unbroken chain of ownership since 1810.

Tickets are $1,500 and include:

  • 1 oz pour of each vintage whiskey (6 in total)
  • Heavy charcuterie
  • Whiskey cocktails
  • Coffee and refreshments
  • Complimentary bottle of West Overton Distilling's newest release
  • Bottle auction from noted Pennsylvania craft distillers

Only 20 tickets are available for this exclusive event.

About West Overton Village & Museum 

West Overton is a historic village that grew and industrialized around a whiskey distillery. Beginning as a family farm in 1803, the community boasted 50 buildings, including a general store, school, and post office by 1870. 250 people lived in West Overton and worked for the Overholt company's distillery, grist mill, coal mine, farm, and other businesses. West Overton native Henry Clay Frick left his fortune to his daughter, Helen Clay Frick, who purchased the property in 1922 as a way to memorialize her father. 

Today, West Overton Village preserves 19 historic buildings across 40 acres and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The site is a rare surviving example of a rural industrial community.  Visitors can tour the Overholt Homestead, the museum, as well as an educational distillery in which West Overton Village produces its own Monongahela rye whiskey for the first time since Prohibition. For more information, please visit https://www.westovertonvillage.org