Chef Jeremy Critchfield of the Stone House Restaurant & Country Inn, a local legend and grill-master, has more than 25 years of experience in the industry. Chef is famous for his delicious menu and is constantly developing new recipes and ways to serve his delicious food to the masses. If you missed it, check out our recent blog interview with Chef, and try out this delicious recipe he shared with us. 

Sweet Potato Crab Cakes                    

.5 red bell pepper, brunoise                
.5 rib celery, brunoise                    
1T red onion, brunoise                    
1ea medium sweet potato, small diced, blanched            
.5 fresh orange, juiced                    
1ea whole eggs                    
1c + 2T Helman's Mayo                    
.75oz. Worchestershire                    
3 dashes Tabasco                    
.5oz molasses                    
2T old bay                        
2lb lump crab meat                    
2/3c panko                
Sweat pepper, celery & red onion in butter til just softened, cool.  Blanch diced sweet potato.
Mix well all ingredients from orange to old bay.            
Add in crab, gently breaking up clumps, add pepper mix & sweet potatoes.    
Mix all gently by hand careful not to smash mix or break up lump crab meat.    
Mold individual cakes with a 4oz ladle full, packing it gently, not smashing it in!!!
Bake to heat through, brown lightly under salamander.        
Makes 12 each 4ozcakes.                                        
Vinegar Slaw                    

1.5oz white balsamic vinegar                
.5oz sugar                        
pinch salt                        
.25T celery seed, fresh ground                
.25 head cabbage, shaved                    
.25 red bell pepper, slivered                    
.25 small carrot, slivered                    
.125 red onion, slivered                    
Combine all ingredients for slaw, mix well.  Refrigerate for 1 hour prior to service.