Westmoreland County is divided into 65 municipalities of various sizes, shapes, and landscapes. It is our mission to explore what makes every one of those 65 municipalities special.

We are moving in random order through the list. We are on our seventh feature, and this time, our randomizer landed on Hempfield Township.



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Hempfield’s population is one of the highest in the county, with around 43,000 residents. Students in Hempfield are served by the Hempfield Area School District.



And fun Hempfield fact: the township actually fully encompasses the city of Greensburg, and the boroughs of Southwest Greensburg, South Greensburg, Youngwood, New Stanton, Arona, and Adamsburg.



As to Hempfield’s history, this summary can be found on their township website:

“Hempfield Township’s early settlers were Germans from southeastern Pennsylvania. Those settlers brought the name Hempfield from Hempfield Township in Lancaster County, which was formed in 1729 and derived its name from the production of hemp.

Agriculture was the main work for those settlers in the early days of our own Hempfield Township. The Township was known for the stills and distilleries where farmers refined their substantial grain output.”



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The University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg educates around 1,400 undergraduates every year on its beautiful campus.



Westmoreland County Community College’s main Youngwood campus is also located in Hempfield. The Youngwood Campus comprises four buildings: Student Achievement Center, Health and Culinary Center, Science Innovation Center and the Business and Industry Center. It also includes athletic fields.



And finally, opened in 1992, Carlow University’s Greensburg Education Center calls Hempfield home. The facility on state Route 136 in Greensburg is easily accessible from U.S. Route 30 and state Routes 66 and 119, allowing for a convenient commute from anywhere in the county.

There is no shortage of shopping and entertainment options in Hempfield Township. Visitors and residents can enjoy the brand new Live! Casino located at the Westmoreland Mall.



For history lovers, enjoy time exploring the Baltzer Meyer Historical Society or Historic Hanna’s Town and the Westmoreland Historical Society.



Hempfield Township residents can also find information on the excellent township website or its active Facebook page.


What Westmoreland County municipality do you want to see in the spotlight next? Only 58 more to go!