Westmoreland County is divided into 65 municipalities of various sizes, shapes, and landscapes. It is our mission to explore what makes every one of those 65 municipalities special. We are moving in random order through the list, and this time, we landed on Seward Borough for our fourth spotlight.



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Seward is a tiny borough, with just under 500 people, nestled in the north-eastern portion of Westmoreland County and bordered by the Conemaugh River. A portion of students who live in Seward are served by the Ligonier Valley School District.



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M&C Trucking Company and the Seward Volunteer Fire Department are two of the community establishments residents and visitors are sure to notice while travelling in Seward.



Seward is filled with outdoor recreational opportunities, and visitors can locate a Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail Trailhead nearby on Route 56.



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What Westmoreland County municipality do you want to see in the spotlight next? Only 61 more to go!