It's the sweetest season in the Laurel Highlands! Our region, specifically Somerset County, takes great pride in the tradition of tapping maple trees and producing maple syrup and other goodies. After all, it is the largest producer of maple products in the state. Celebrate the county's maple heritage while satisfying your sweet tooth at the following events and sugar camps!

Attend Maple-Themed Events

75th Annual Pennsylvania Maple Festival

Pennsylvania Maple Festival

You don't want to miss the Laurel Highlands' most anticipated spring event, the Pennsylvania Maple Festival, held in Meyersdale (aka Maple City) on April 23-24 and April 27 - May 1. The festival rings in spring with maple production demonstrations, live entertainment, the Maple Queen contest, a quilt show, a sit and sip garden, activities to keep the kiddos busy, the famous Lion's pancake and sausage meal and more!

Learn the Process and Shop For Maple Products

The first documented maple sugar production in Somerset County was in 1762. Sugar camps in the region have always been family-owned businesses, passed down through multiple generations. With maple production primarily limited to a handful of states located in New England, Somerset County stands out and takes great pride in its maple production. Visitors can find Somerset County maple syrup at local farmers’ markets and the sugar camps where it is produced.

Somerset Historical Center

Somerset Historical Center

The Somerset Historical Center is the place to visit to learn about historical tapping, gathering, boiling and sugarmaking in Somerset County. Be sure to get a taste of freshly-stirred sugar and "spotza," a maple taffy treat.

Brantview Farms Maple

Brantview Maple Farms Demonstration

For eight generations and more than 200 years, Brantview Farms Maple has welcomed visitors to join in on the fun and see the maple-producing process first-hand. Take a mini- or full-tour of the camp, which includes product demonstrations and free samples, but make sure you browse their shop for goodies to enjoy at home!

Sechler Sugar Shack

Maple products lined up

Sechler Sugar Shack takes great pride in continuing maple-producing techniques that have been passed down by many generations since 1850 with the most modern technology. Their maple syrup is sold in uniquely-shaped glass bottles, from leafs to gingerbread men! 

Try These Maple Recipes When You Get Home

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