Everyone has some story about an experience with moonshine, or stuff their friend or uncle used to make in their garage. Take that tradition and add in an expert distiller with a passion for experimentation and quality, and you get Country Hammer Moonshine.

We recorded this month's podcast with Tim Baureis, owner, and Kerri Bright, general manager, in their beautiful new location just off Route 30 in Irwin. Less than a minute from the Turnpike, a large sign labeled simply "MOONSHINE" greets you outside before you enter to a fun, rustic atmosphere that fits Country Hammer perfectly. Moonshine slushies are whirring on the counter. A rainbow of different-colored moonshines lines the walls. Helpful hosts welcome you and help you find something new to sip.

Country Hammer Shamrock Shine

This experience is completely unique to Country Hammer Moonshine as you explore the Laurel Highlands Pour Tour. It's a mix of a winery tasting room, the theming of a distillery and the friendliness of a local brewery all combined to make something special. 

In terms of selection, Country Hammer might have everyone beat! 50+ flavors are rotating in and out of their locations. These range from the traditional apple pie (the standard on which the rest of your shine is judged) to more exotic flavors such as pancakes & waffles, banana split and cinnamon toast. If you want an easy place to start, grab a slushie or, my personal recommendation, their Adult Chocolate Milk is a delicious cream-based shine that is the perfect addition to your coffee!

Moonshine Slushies

Baureis also has a great mind for developing flavors that awaken the palate as much as your childhood nostalgia. His orange dreamsicle takes you back to the snack bar at the pool growing up, and his adult strawberry milk brings back memories of Mom making you Nesquik as a treat. The flavors are on point for a smooth-drinking moonshine and instantly bring me back.

Learn more but listening to the episode above and below! Be sure to stop by Country Hammer as you explore the Pour Tour, and request your free Passport to get started today!