The updated museum floor and new exhibition at West Overton Village invite the public into the past, present and future of Pennsylvania whiskey  

Scottdale, PA (June 24, 2024) – Today, West Overton Village & Museum and Suntory Global Spirits announced the opening of the James B. Beam Pennsylvania Whiskey Heritage Center, a celebration of whiskey's roots in Pennsylvania and its impact on the American Whiskey landscape and industry. The Center is a reimagined and updated second floor of the Museum at West Overton Village in Scottdale, Pennsylvania, a historic site where guests can uncover the storied legacies of American Whiskey alongside Pennsylvania history.  

This project was made possible by Suntory Global Spirits' strategic partnership with West Overton Village & Museum, a nonprofit historic site. Suntory Global Spirits produces the Overholt™ whiskey brand under James B. Beam Distilling Co., which continues to honor the art and craftsmanship of whiskey making and premium spirits. Overholt™ is recognized by whiskey historians as the longest standing American whiskey brand with an unbroken chain of ownership, production and sale since Abraham Overholt began distilling in 1810. While the brand is produced today in Clermont, Kentucky, West Overton is considered the “spiritual home” of Overholt™, where Abraham and his family established roots, helped build their community, and grew their business enterprise. For more Overholt™ brand information, visit 

“Overholt whiskey is deeply woven into the culture and history of Pennsylvania and American whiskey,” said Aaron Hollis, West Overton’s Co-Executive Director. “We are thrilled that, in partnership with Suntory Global Spirits, the James B. Beam Pennsylvania Whiskey Heritage Center makes the rich legacy of this iconic American whiskey brand and the full breadth of Pennsylvania whiskey history accessible to the public.”

West Overton Sam Kolenic Gallery

James. B. Beam Pennsylvania Whiskey Heritage Center

The James B. Beam Pennsylvania Whiskey Heritage Center features a variety of guest experiences, creating a new attraction for West Overton Village & Museum. The Museum is housed in the former distillery / grist mill built in 1859. Here, visitors can engage with the 120-year history of West Overton Village, including the birthplace of Overholt™, one of America’s most enduring whiskey brands.

 Within the new Heritage Center, the Sam Komlenic Gallery is home to the largest publicly accessible collection of artifacts related to Pennsylvania’s deep history of whiskey production, with more than 450 objects on display. The centerpiece of the Sam Komlenic Gallery is a striking display of 250+ whiskey bottles from the late 19th to late 20th centuries. The bottles represent some of the most successful distilling companies in Pennsylvania history, including Overholt, Dillinger, Large, Gibson, Guckenheimer, Sam Thompson, Schenley, Continental, and many more. Additional artifacts include historic barrels, crates, advertisements, documents, and memorabilia. An in-gallery app will help visitors explore the more than 40 Pennsylvania distilleries featured.

Many artifacts from West Overton Village’s vast museum collection are also housed and displayed in a publicly accessible, climate-controlled environment. Visitors will be able to explore the region’s agricultural, industrial, and cultural heritage through the collection, including farm equipment, folk art, antique coverlets, pipe organs, medical tools, and more.

The Overholt Stateroom, a vintage-inspired lounge that pays homage to the origins of Overholt™ whiskey, features a modern bar, antique furniture and decor, vintage and modern bottlings, and a mural of Abraham Overholt.

The Overholt Stateroom, a vintage-inspired lounge that pays homage to the origins of Overholt™ whiskey, features a modern bar, antique furniture and decor, vintage and modern bottlings, and a mural of Abraham Overholt. The Stateroom is available to rent through West Overton Village and will be open to guests during special private events.

West Overton Village reopened to the public on May 2, and will be open through the end of October from Thursday to Sunday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. EST in addition to special events throughout the year. Admission includes the Museum, Heritage Center, a guided tour of the 1838 Overholt Family Homestead, and a visit to West Overton’s educational distillery.

Pennsylvania Whiskey History

Whiskey distilling in Pennsylvania dates back to at least the 18th century before the American Revolutionary War. And over the 19th century, whiskey production by the likes of Abraham Overholt and others pioneered and transformed it into a sophisticated industry. This spirit has remained resilient throughout history through companies and brands such as Overholt™. The 21st century is experiencing a revival of whiskey distilling and heritage efforts in Pennsylvania, which Suntory Global Spirits is proud to help foster through the opening of the James B. Beam Pennsylvania Whiskey Heritage Center.

About West Overton Village & Museum

West Overton is a historic village that grew and industrialized around a whiskey distillery. Beginning as a family farm in 1803, the community boasted 50 buildings, including a general store, school, and post office by 1870. 250 people lived in West Overton and worked for the Overholt company's distillery, grist mill, coal mine, farm, and other businesses. Abraham's grandson, industrialist Henry Clay Frick, was also born in the village in 1849.

Today, West Overton Village preserves 19 historic buildings across 40 acres and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The site is a rare surviving example of a rural industrial community. Visitors can tour the Overholt Homestead, the museum, as well as its educational distillery in which West Overton Village produces its own Monongahela rye whiskey for the first time since Prohibition. West Overton Distilling is not affiliated with James. B. Beam Distilling Co. nor does James B. Beam Distilling Co. produce any West Overton product. For more information, including holiday hours & winter programming, visit

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