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Often seen with a turkey leg in hand at the Renaissance Festival. Expect to see a lot of movie references. Very interested in the best meal you ever ate and your ranking of french fries. Director of Digital Marketing at LHVB. Is either thinking about the Pour Tour or exploring the Pour Tour.

Alex Byers, Saint Vincent College, Latrobe

With hometown dates being done via Zoom and nearby Nemacolin at locations throughout the Laurel Highlands, Episode 8 had to be one of the most unique episodes of The Bachelor in the series' history. However, the show was big on heart, tackling tough conversations with parents, addressing hardships in past relationships, and surviving a rather…

Laurel Highlands Fish Fry Guide 2020

Laurel Highlands 2021 Fish Fry Guide

Monday, February 15, 2021 8:00 AM by Jared Bundy

The Laurel Highlands is one of only a few regions in the United States that celebrates the Catholic Lenten tradition of fish fries. Each Friday during Lent our church basements, restaurants and fire halls start dropping baskets of hot oil for a community celebration of deep-fried goodness. Whether you're a fish fry aficionado or are a guppy…

PJ's Ice Cream Parlor

A carnival that pops up out of nowhere and is seemingly run by no one. A contestant locked in her tower letting down her hair, hopeful for a prince's rescue. Wandering musicians who show up at just the right time to set the mood with the perfect song everyone knows the words to. Magic was in the air on episode six of The Bachelor, filmed in…

Groundhog Day in the Laurel Highlands

Well, it's February 2 again. Or is it Sept. 28? Or Dec. 10? If all of your days are starting to blend together like mine, look to Phil. No, not the groundhog: Phil Connors, the eventual hero of the 1993 film "Groundhog Day," who I studied for some advice on breaking out of the pandemic time loop myself. Here are just a few ways we…

Inside the Taproom Laurel Highlands Pour Tour

It's Good to Bee Kind | Inside the Winery

Monday, December 28, 2020 9:00 AM by Jared Bundy

It's Good to Bee Kind. After a wild 2020, I think the closing words of this podcast resonated with me a lot more than they normally would have. Maybe it's the sincerity of Bee Kind Winery Ligonier owner Joe Kendrick and manager Sharon Palmer, who repeatedly stressed their thankfulness for the welcome they received in the area from other…