Wow! What an amazing feeling to turn on ABC for primetime viewing and see Nemacolin front and center for the entire 2-hour premiere of the Matt James season of "The Bachelor." This incredible resort is a gem of the Laurel Highlands region, and we're so excited to see it shared with the rest of the country!

I'm no expert on the ins and outs of this reality show, so my recap of Week 1 is instead focused on how Nemacolin and the surrounding Laurel Highlands are represented on "The Bachelor," and pointing out some fun facts and Tweets that made me laugh along the way.

What's a Nemacolin?

Nemacolin Woodlands Resort

If you've never heard of Nemacolin (nem-a-coal-in), don't worry! Located in Farmington, PA, this 2,000-acre resort features luxurious guestrooms, suites, townhomes and private homes, including the Falling Rock boutique hotel, a recipient of the Forbes Five-Star and AAA Five-Diamond awards.

A four-season stay, Nemacolin is packed with activities such as an internationally acclaimed spa, PGA-caliber golf courses, skiing, a wildlife academy and so much more to fill your schedule with things to do no matter when you visit. Personally, I hope The Bachelor takes the contestants on their JEEP Off-Road Adventure to catch their reactions as they explore the Laurel Highlands through the rugged, challenging course.

The 33rd Contestant

In Sex and the City, New York is often referred to as the "5th Character of the Show" since the city is so often front and center in every single scene. Nemacolin is without a doubt the 33rd Contestant of the Matt James season of "The Bachelor," often drawing more attention and remarks than the drama unfolding in the show.

Every frame of the premiere was shot wide to keep the incredible facade, luxurious accommodations and the scenic Laurel Highlands in the backdrop of as many shots as possible. As a videographer myself, I can tell how much the editors loved Nemacolin, and try at all points to keep it a focus of the episode.

The best tweets I saw last night were comparing Nemacolin hilariously to the most recent location of "The Bachelorette." That season was marred by 100-degree temperatures, and most tweets showed Nemacolin as a giant fantasy castle compared to it. We're just kidding, La Quinta! You looked amazing for your season, too.


On With the Show


My warmest feeling watching "The Bachelor" happened in the first five minutes, when host Chris Harrison broadly announced "We're in a new and spectacular location!" It's so nice to see people from all over the country celebrating the grandeur of Nemacolin and the rustic backdrop of the Laurel Highlands.

Nemacolin was featured in the 2016 JoJo Fletcher season of "The Bachelorette," but if you're going to do a quarantine season, there's truly no better pick. You never have to leave Nemacolin for some of the area's best activities and world-class dining, and everyone was taking note.

Did anyone else notice that when the contestants went to their rooms, they talked more about Nemacolin than they did Matt? I'd be just as likely to stay in my room and be eliminated because I just wanted to enjoy my comfy bed.



The episode barely scratched the surface of what Nemacolin has to offer, showing off the private air strip, surrounding view of the Laurel Highlands' mountainous countryside and the captivating drive up to reveal the resort. Plus, there were at least three separate shots of deer grazing, which I'm sure was novel to the producers but is something we see here every day.

The majority of the episode took place out front of The Chateau, which was decked out in chandeliers, roses and a dramatic red carpet (which Jason DeRulo did NOT fall down the steps of). At one point, Matt James played on a giant chess set outside of the resort, and this is now on my bucket list of things to do at Nemacolin.

Coming Up Next

Nemacolin-Woodlands-Resort_Pennsylvania-Zip-Line (17)

From next week's preview, it looks like Nemacolin will continue to be the 33rd (well, now 31st) character of the Matt James season of "The Bachelor." Zip lining and the spa were hinted at being activities the contestants will do with Matt, and we can't wait to see the drama unfold across the Laurel Highlands for the rest of the season!